One of my specialties is that I am trained in inter-faith, spiritually integrated psychotherapy, and yes, my office just happens to be in a church.  Does that mean that you have to have a religious belief or spiritual worldview to engage in services with me?  No.  In fact, if you never brought up any religious issues, you wouldn't realize the difference. Much like the issues we explore in therapy, engaging in therapy in a church-based office means everything that you believe it does--everything, nothing, or maybe, something in between.  

However, it is interesting to conceptualize that even if we're not consciously religious, most of our culture is steeped in a Western worldview that is heavily influenced not only by the residual influence of the pagan Greeks and Romans, but also the monotheism of Hebraic scholars and even Celtic monks!  It's an avenue where agnostics, atheists, believers, doubters, and seekers might explore the 'oughts' and 'shoulds' of life.  Children often like to exclaim, "Who said so?";  I don't think most of us stop exploring that question no matter how far we've travelled.  

If you do have religious, spiritual, or global worldview issues that play into the issues relevant to our time together, I am able to explore those with you, reframe them into strengths, and/or reconceptualize them as turning points that create new paths for growth, identity, and meaning.